West Ham have played at London Stadium since August 2016

Seating areas behind the goals at London Stadium are going to be squared off in time for the start of next season in an effort to make the arena more ‘football friendly’.

The move, paid for by stadium operators E20, will have no impact on the 60,000 capacity.

However, with seats moving forward by as much as four metres, West Ham hope fans will notice an improvement at the stadium, which has been heavily criticised for the distance of its seats from the pitch.

The seating arrangement is being constructed in a way that would be compatible with rail seating should government guidelines on all-seater stadiums change.

West Ham vice-chairman Karren Brady said: “Reconfiguring London Stadium to bring the stands closer to the action was always something we have wanted to do, and we understand how important this is for our fans.”

The work will cost £5m, but the stadium operators claim it will pay for itself within five years as the new arrangement will improve seat transition times when the stadium is being changed for non-football events.

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